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Four Petals

Group Exhibition
ArtGallery, Norfolk, VA
March - April 2012
Featuring: May Britton, Diana Caramat,
Laurel Lukaszewski, Sayaka Suzuki

The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough. – "In a Station of the Metro"
by Ezra Pound (American 1885 – 1972)

Working in diverse media and with emphasis on form, the artistic efforts of May Britton, Diana Caramat, Laurel Lukaszewski and Sayaka Suzuk, manifest as sculptures and sculpture based installations, all of which have been imbued with nature and informed by Eastern cultures. Like the works in this exhibition, the haiku-like poem “In a Station of the Metro” was also informed by the East. Evoking a sense of mystery while eliciting thoughts of delicate beauty against a backdrop of bleakness, the poem’s imagery served as inspiration for the artists. Just as the poem’s seemingly unrelated imagery melds into a single expression, so do the creative endeavors of Britton, Caramat, Lukaszewski, and Suzuki; much like petals forming a single flower.
-from the exhibition catalog by Lorrie Saunders

Photo of Night Blossoms
Night Blossoms 2012
Photo of Path of Water Detail
The Path of Water 2012 (detail)
Photo of May Britton Path of Water
May Britton, Laurel Lukaszewski
Photo of Tears Bound Britton
May Britton's wire installation Hexagonal Formations between Track of Tears 2012 and Bound 2011
Photo of Track of Tears
Track of Tears 2012
Photo of Bound Britton
May Britton, Laurel Lukaszewski
Photo of White Petals
White Petals 2012
Photo of Sakaya Suzuki
Sakaya Suzuki's glass work
Photo of Sakaya Suzuki
Sakaya Suzuki's glass work
Photo of Namida
Namida 2012 between Diana Caramat and Sakaya Suzuki
Photo of Namida
Namida in foreground with Diana Caramat's (To: Dementia) (From: Synthesis)
Photo of Namida
Full view of Namida
Photo of Namida
Namida in foreground, Sakaya Suzuki's glass in background
Photo of Diana Caramat
Side gallery with May Britton's piece in foreground and Diana Caramat's work
Photo of Diana Caramat
Diana Caramat's Landing Space
Photo of May Britton
May Britton's hanging installation Shadows

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