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Sculpting Water

Solo Exhibition
Work Program Architects Gallery, Norfolk, VA
June - September 2019

Exhibition Statement

Sculpting Water
Laurel Lukaszewski has a lifelong fascination with water, enamored by the movement, patterns and rhythms as well as the life that inhabits it. Having grown up on the water, the oceans, sounds and rivers were her playground, creating a backdrop for everyday life. As an adult, Lukaszewski says she continues to be captivated by the oceans and freshwater springs through snorkeling and scuba diving, mesmerized by the textured shaped in limestone, corals and sand, and the ever dancing light filtering from the surface.

In the exhibition, SCULPTING WATER, it becomes readily apparent that the natural world and more specifically, water, plays as significant role in Lukaszewski's creative endeavors. Her most recent works of ceramic sculptures and site specific installations are stunning interpretations of the visual rhythms and the incessant flux of water. According to Lukaszewski, her work aims to capture a snapshot where this contant movement is stilled, if only for a moment in time. Her installation based works reflect this continual change, existing for the duration of the exhibition, and then changing if and when configured again.

Photo of Title
Work Program Architects Gallery, Norfolk, VA
Photo of Gallery View
Gallery View
Photo of Gallery View Left
Gallery View, left
Photo of Gallery View Right
Gallery View, right
Photo of Gallery View Right
Gallery View, right
Photo of Pedestal Works
Pedestal Works
Photo of Longing
Longing, porcelain, 2017
Photo of Second Room Gallery
Sideroom Gallery with Video
Photo of Following the Current
Following the Current, porcelain, Mason stains, 2019
Photo of Guardian
Guardian, porcelain, wax resist, 2018
Photo of Guardian and Sentinel
Guardian & Sentinel, 2018
Photo of The Wind in Summer
The Wind in Summer, porcelain, Mason stains, 2016
Photo of Falling Water
Falling Water, porcelain, Mason stains, 2016
Photo of Looking Towards the Sun
Looking Towards the Sun, porcelain, Mason stains, 2018
Photo of Longing Left
Longing (Left), porcelain, 2017
Photo of Longing Righ
Longing (Right), porcelain, 2017
Photo of Statement
Sculpting Water Statement
Photo of Touching Water
Touching Water, porcelain, 2019
Photo of Tidal and Strong Current
Tidal, porcelain, 2019 & Strong Current, porcelain, 2017
Photo of Everything I've Ever Wanted'
Everything I've Ever Wanted, stoneware, glaze, 2018

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