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Group Exhibition, Cross MacKenzie Gallery, Washington, DC
April - May 2012
Artists: Charles Anthony, John Brown, Lyn Horton, Laurel Lukaszewski, Ellen Wagener

Photo of Envy
Envy 2012
Photo of Envy
Envy 2012 with Lyn Horton's drawing
Photo of Oceania
Oceania 2012
Photo of Broken Lines
Broken Lines 2011
Photo of Blue Sketches
Blue Sketches 2012
Photo of Envy
Envy with Lyn Horton's drawing and
images from John Brown's "Vine" series
Cross MacKenzie Gallery is pleased to present "Twisted", a group exhibition featuring 5 artists who share the use of a single element — the simple curving line — as the launching point to create engaging and complex works. Patterns are formed by the repeating interwoven lines in these artworks in four different mediums — photography, ceramics, wood and works on paper. In each piece, there is a sense that the artist is controlling and bending a force to their will to create order out of chaos. One has the feeling that the curving, curling, wild lines have their own agenda, a desire to escape the restraints of the drawing or sculpture's bounds, but are disciplined into aesthetic submission.
-from the Cross MacKenzie Gallery introduction to "Twisted". For additional information on the show and other works click here.

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